Runtime Analysis

AppMap Runtime Analysis finds problems in your software that cause security, performance, maintainability, and stability problems.

AppMap Runtime Analysis is dynamic code analysis generated from running tests and/or your development server. AppMap Runtime Analysis is based on the AppMap data spec.


  • AppMap server - A cloud service for hosting and sharing AppMaps. New users can automatically create an account on the AppMap server by logging in with their GitHub or GitLab account. AppMap hosting is purely opt-in and does not transmit source code.
  • Finding - An alert issued by AppMap containing information about a code quality issue. These alerts are visible in the AppMap sidebar as well as the ‘problems’ window of Visual Studio Code and JetBrains IDEs.
  • Impact category - The four critical aspects of code quality – security, performance, stability, and maintainability. Every AppMap finding falls into one of these categories.
  • Rule - A coding standard that AppMap uses to evaluate code. AppMap ships with a set of default rules that work out of the box. Rules are programmable and can be created, extended, and configured by users.


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