Configuring checks


AppMap Analysis is configured in a YAML document. It’s primary job is to specify which scanner rules will check the code. Each check specifies a rule id, and may include additional properties that customized and tune the behavior of the rule.

AppMap Analysis ships with a default configuration file located in node_modules/@appland/scanner/built/sampleConfig/default.yml.

Without specifying the --config command line option, AppMap will attempt to load appmap-scanner.yml, the default configuration for analysis rules. If that file does not exist, AppMap will fail back to loading the configuration in the node_modules path.

To use a non-default configuration, specify the path to the configuration file via the -c or --config option:

$ npx @appland/scanner \
    --appmap-dir tmp/appmap \
    --config appmap-scanner.yml \

To use a custom configuration create a file named appmap-scanner.yml in the root of your project directory, you can copy the default.yml in the AppMap source code as a starting point. Refer to the Rules Reference for additional configuration options per scanner rule.

Example appmap-scanner.yml

  - rule: authzBeforeAuthn
  - rule: http500
  - rule: illegalPackageDependency
        - equal: actionpack
        equal: app/controllers
  - rule: insecureCompare
  - rule: missingAuthentication
  - rule: missingContentType
  - rule: nPlusOneQuery
  - rule: secretInLog
  - rule: slowFunctionCall
      timeAllowed: 0.2
        - match: Controller#create$
  - rule: slowHttpServerRequest
      timeAllowed: 0.5
  - rule: slowQuery
      timeAllowed: 0.05
  - rule: tooManyJoins
  - rule: tooManyUpdates
  - rule: unbatchedMaterializedQuery
  - rule: updateInGetRequest

Rules catalog

AppMap Analysis comes with a comprehensive set of rules that are categorized by their impact on applications: Performance, Reliability, Maintainability, Stability, and Security.

Visit the rules reference for information on specific rules.

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