Uploading findings


The AppMap Analysis CLI provides an upload subcommand used to upload a findings report to the AppMap server, an AppMap repository and web application. The findings report file is created by default when you run the scan subcommand.

To upload scan results, you’ll first need an API key. You can generate a new API key via your account settings page. The API key may be provided to the CLI either via the APPLAND_API_KEY environment variable or the --api-key command line option (the environment variable is more secure, and thus the preferred option).

The upload subcommand requires the -d or --appmap-dir option to specify the path of the directory containing the AppMap files scanned.


$ npx @appland/scanner upload -d tmp/appmap
Uploading AppMaps and findings to application 'mycorp/myapp-server'
Uploading 2 AppMaps
Uploading AppMap tmp/appmap/rspec/Upload_processing_logged_in_is_added_to_the_specified_org.appmap.json
Uploading AppMap tmp/appmap/rspec/POST_data_specified_by_a_scoped_app_name.appmap.json
Creating mapset in app mycorp/myapp-server with 2 AppMaps
Uploading findings
Uploaded 2 findings to https://app.land/scanner_jobs/121    

Click on the link at the end of the command output to open your scanner findings report in a browser.

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