Readme is a powerful developer hub that can consume your OpenAPI definition and provide a simple way for users to interact with your API directly from your documentation site or with the included client SDKs that Readme provides.

Simply access your Readme administration page, and go to API Settings to add a new endpoint.

Add the relevant commands to your GitHub Action or your CI system. Make sure to save the Readme API key as an encrypted secret in your build task.

- name: Install rdme
  run: npm install rdme@latest -g
- name: Install AppMap tools
  uses: getappmap/install-action@v1
- name: AppMap Generate OpenAPI Definitions
  run: appmap openapi --output-file openapi.yml
- name: Push OpenAPI to Readme
  run: rdme openapi openapi.yml --version=v1.0 --key="$"

After your build job completes you’ll see your API imported into Readme.

And when navigating into any of your API endpoints, you’ll see notifications that this API is _synced from Swagger.

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