Command Line Generation

CLI Reference

$ npx @appland/appmap openapi --help
  appmap openapi

  Generate OpenAPI from AppMaps in a directory

        --version           Show version number                          [boolean]
    -v, --verbose           Run with verbose logging                     [boolean]
        --help              Show help                                    [boolean]
        --appmap-dir        directory to recursively inspect for AppMaps
                                                          [default: "tmp/appmap"]
    -o, --output-file       output file name
        --openapi-template  template YAML; generated content will be placed in the
                            paths and components sections
        --openapi-title     info/title field of the OpenAPI document
        --openapi-version   info/version field of the OpenAPI document

Use this command to generate OpenAPI documentation from all AppMaps in a directory (recursively explored).

openapi uses the default yml template which is available on GitHub. You can use a custom template if you specify the template file with the optional --openapi-template parameter.

The --openapi-title and --openapi-version parameters override the values of the info/title and info/version properties in the generated document.

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