Troubleshooting AppMap in GitHub Actions

The AppMap GitHub Action Does Not Run in my Environment

Add AppMap to GitHub Allowed Actions

If your organization limits which GitHub Actions can be used, update your organization settings to allow the specific AppMap actions required for this integration to work. All AppMap Actions are published on the GitHub Marketplace under the getappmap owner namespace.

In the top right corner of, click your profile photo, then click Your organizations.

Next to the organization, click Settings.

In the left sidebar, click Actions, then click General.

Under “Policies”, select Allow OWNER, and select non-OWNER, actions and reusable workflows and add the following AppMap required actions. This will ensure that current and future actions will be supported.


Alternatively, if you would like to restrict to only the current list of actions further you can list them individually. You will need to keep this list updated as new features and functionality are added.


I Can’t Open AppMaps in my Pull Request Report

This is caused by not having the AppMap GitHub App installed in your GitHub account.

Install or Request the AppMap GitHub App

The AppMap application authorizes your account to run AppMap in CI. It also enables you to open AppMaps in your browser.

The AppMap application:

  • DOES NOT transfer any of your repository code, data, or AppMaps to an external server.
  • DOES confirm that you have access via GitHub permissions to the AppMap data stored in your repository action.
  • DOES open a browser tab with a signed URL that enables your browser to securely download the AppMap data from your GitHub and display it.
  • DOES directly transfer data from YOUR GitHub to YOUR browser, without going through any other other 3rd party services.

Organization owners can install GitHub Apps on their organization. If you are not an organization owner, you can still initiate the install process. GitHub will then send a notification to the organization owner to request them to approve the installation. Ask your organization owner to approve that request.

If you’re installing into your personal account, you will already have permissions to install this app there.

1) Open the AppMap GitHub marketplace page and click Set up a plan.

2) Select the GitHub account in which you are using AppMap, and then click the Install button.

3) Select All Repositories, or select to install the app into specific repositories.

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