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We talk about what type of projects work best with AppMaps and What you will need to get AppMap added to your project.

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AppMap for code editors
Rails Sample Application
AppMap Slack community

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AppMap currently supports Ruby, Java, Python and Javascript programming languages. Our support for Python and Javascript is currently in technical preview and we would love to hear your feedback, join us in our Slack community. If you have a project in another language, reach out ot us, and let us know so we can support into our roadmap.

AppMap works best with web application and API frameworks, such as Rails, Django, Flask, Express, and Spring. That’s because we have specialized features for mapping web services, routing, HTTP client requests, caching, authentication, SQL and others. You can map any kind of service in our supported languages, but it’s when you map a database-backed web application or API service that you’ll see the full power of AppMap. The size of your project doesn’t matter, in fact the larger the project, the more useful AppMap becomes to identify unknown code quality issues.

Once you have identified a project you would like to map, begin by installing AppMap into your VS Code or Jetbrains code editor. You can find each plugin on its respective marketplace. After installing the plugin you can find AppMap on the left navigation bar for VS Code or the right navigation bar for Jetbrains.

You will need node.js version 14 or 16 installed locally to run our automated installer. If you don’t have node.js you can download it at

Once you have the extension installed you can select “Install AppMap Agent” in the instructions section.

At this point you should have node.js installed locally, the AppMap plugin installed for your code editor, and a suitable project to get started with. If you don’t have access to a suitable App, but still want to try it out, check out our sample project on Github and follow along.

If you have run into any problems, join us on Slack and get help from the AppMap engineers there.

Next step: Install agent & generate AppMaps from tests

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