What is AppMap?

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Welcome! AppMap is an open source dynamic runtime code analysis tool built for developers to visualize running code and catch problems earlier. It’s open source software with an open data spec and an MIT + Commons Clause license.

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An AppMap contains all of the runtime data available when code executes, such as HTTP requests (including status codes, headers and other details), function calls, return values, SQL queries, and so much more. They are even extensible by developers to add more visibility into your code.

We provide actionable insights directly inside your VS Code or JetBrains code editors, so you can troubleshoot while you build. AppMap is your robot software architect, working alongside you to help identify software design flaws.

Simply add AppMap as a development dependency to your project and run your tests or start a remote record to generate maps of your interactions. Then create visual models from that information to help orient yourself quickly when delivering new features.

We’ll show you how to get started with your first 15 minutes with AppMap, from installation to generating your first AppMaps, and then diving into the code to find and fix potential issues. In the next video we’ll talk about what are the ideal projects for AppMap, and what you will need in your environment as prerequisites to getting started.

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