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AppMap’s new GitHub Action for CI

AppMap’s GitHub Action has new maps and insights

broken test failures illustration

Get your code moving forward: AppMap’s new test case analysis

AppMap’s new test case analysis feature provides detailed analysis of the behavior that causes test cases to fail.

Narrow in on unexpected breaking behavior with Sequence diagram “diffs” of failing test cases so you can fix the issue and get your code merged successfully. AppMap has a host of tools to help you accelerate the velocity of your test cases, find out which tests were impacted by code changes, and more.

resolved finding examples

Your code is always production-ready: AppMap’s new GitHub Action.

Let AppMap find and fix runtime performance and security issues in CI. Stop the cycle of rework with runtime analysis before release. AppMap is the ultimate code reviewer for issues that static analysis and AI code assistants cannot find.

OpenAPI diff

Avoid the unexpected: Get notified about API changes

AppMap reverse-engineers OpenAPI definitions from your test cases, so you don’t have to maintain OpenAPI by hand. Better yet, it automatically compares the OpenAPI definitions across each pull request, flagging breaking and non-breaking changes and providing a line-by-line diff.

Find and fix runtime issues before production.

sequence diagram diff

Every release, no surprises: Introducing the sequence diagram “diff”

Uncover unexpected behavior changes before release with a new map - the sequence diagram diff. Let AppMap be your team’s code review assistant to improve the quality and avoid the unexpected before canary testing or release. With AppMap for GitHub Actions, the entire team can see that code is production-ready.

Analysis AI

AppMap and AI: Enhanced prompts for your favorite AI code generator

AppMap’s latest features in the IDE works with your favorite AI coding assistants. Use AppMap’s AI prompts from CI to generate the right code in your editor. You can also use AppMap with OpenAI ChatGPT 3.5 and 4.0 directly, using your own account, inside your editor. Ask us how to get started!