AppLand Update: August 2021

AppLand Update: August 2021

Here’s what we’ve been up to lately:

Product Updates 💻

New to all AppMap Agents: Performance Data and Easy Sharing!

One of the fastest ways to tackle bugs is to first be able to replicate them in your local environment. Now you can compare AppMap performance data to a reported bug to quickly verify that you can identify and replicate the issue. After identifying the root cause and making your fix, AppMap’s before-and-after performance data helps you confirm that you’ve resolved the performance issue, AND these data can now also be easily shared across teams! Read more about these new capabilities here and here.

AppMap Now Integrates with GitLab

If you’re working on an app with a code repository in GitLab, now you can attach before-and-after AppMap data to your merge requests to help your teammates and code reviewers quickly understand code changes and their impact on the larger codebase. You can also now upload and share your AppMaps by signing in with your GitLab login to the AppMap server, a cloud repository and interactive viewer for AppMaps. Check out this quick demo to learn more!

.NET and JavaScript AppMap Agents Available to Preview!!

At long last… our brand new .NET agent is available for preview and our JavaScript agent is in the final stages of testing! Reach out to if you’d like to give either agent a try.

Company News 💼

Kevin, our co-founder and CTO, continues to speak at various conferences and meetups!

  • Earlier this month, Kevin spoke at GitLab Commit about how people in different jobs can get oriented faster and with more context, so they can better collaborate and communicate to build great software. Watch the replay here or read our blog recap!
  • On August 26, Kevin will be the featured guest at Practical DevSecOps’ monthly webinar. His presentation will outline how to bring security and development teams together with interactive code maps. Register here if you’d like to attend!
  • On August 31, Kevin will be hosting the (virtual) Boston Java Meetup. He’ll demo how autogenerated, interactive code maps can improve dev communication, collaboration and productivity, and he’ll walk attendees through how to use AppMaps. Register here if you’d like to attend!

Notable Content ✍

We’re constantly publishing new content on our doc site, company blog and Notable content from the past month includes:

Also in content-related news, given our mission of working to make life better for developers, we’ve really enjoyed reading Nnamdi Iregbulem’s Developer Productivity Manifesto. Check it out if you’re curious – part 2 is particularly insightful!

Stay in Touch 💜

Thanks so much for reading. Feel free to respond to this email with any questions or feedback, we always love hearing from our community!

Cheers, The AppMap Team

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