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AppMap’s no-effort runtime data helps you understand your application with powerful visualizations and AI. See how components interact with Sequence diagrams, Runtime dependency maps, Traces, Flame graphs and more.

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Ask Navie to describe your application’s design or suggest code for a new feature that respects your app’s design patterns. Navie can help you with deep troubleshooting, or improve your app’s performance or security. Naive uses cutting-edge AI with trusted LLMs, use ours or bring your own.

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AppMap integrates into CI environments, code editors, and Confluence. Navie empowers development teams to work together more efficiently by sharing expert knowledge of your application and software architecture across the team.

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AppMap in CI brings better context to the rest of the SDLC. Get centralized alerts for performance and security flaws, conduct deep troubleshooting for breaking changes, and compare behavior across releases. Navie in CI is in technical preview.

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What is AppMap?

AppMap is an AI-enhanced developer tools platform to help software engineers understand their complex applications and accelerate the design and delivery of high quality, performant and secure code.

We deliver this through no-effort, deep runtime code analysis, and AI-powered software developer assistance in the code editor and CI.

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