About AppMap

AppMap is an open source company that helps developers and their organizations keep their software aligned, clear, and secure through software design observability and runtime code analysis. We believe code is the source of truth. No matter how large or complicated the codebase, getting the information developers need should be easy and efficient.

AppMap products dynamically discover, analyze and monitor architecture issues in code that other tools miss. Unlike legacy static code analysis systems, AppMap is dynamic, powering the streaming and integration of data from CI/CD platforms, analysis of data flows, and identification of key functions and dependent services for any feature or functionality.

The AppMap team builds for developers because we are developers. Every team member has coded at some point in their career and holds deep DevOps, automation, cybersecurity and test-driven development experience. Our fully distributed workforce spans the globe and we always welcome contributions from our community. Join our discussions on Slack and share any comments, suggestions and code contributions here.

Together, let’s make life better for developers!

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