Announcing AppMap for IntelliJ IDEA

Announcing AppMap for IntelliJ IDEA

AppMap for IntelliJ IDEA Launches, Bringing Free and Open Source Interactive Code Maps to More Java Developers Worldwide

Big news! After many requests from the Java community, AppMap for IntelliJ IDEA is now available. More than 70% of Java developers use JetBrains’ IntelliJ IDEA and we’re thrilled to deliver them access to our autogenerated, interactive code maps – right in their IntelliJ IDEA environment.

“We’re delighted to be supporting the world’s largest community of Java developers with free, open source tools that empower developers to build better software faster,” said Elizabeth Lawler, Founder and CEO of AppMap. “What’s especially powerful is we’re delivering this new functionality right where Java developers already work: in IntelliJ IDEA.”

With the new AppMap plugin, IntelliJ IDEA users can:

  • Preview critical code changes before they commit
  • Fix hard-to-solve bugs faster and with more confidence
  • Lighten the load and time required for deep code reviews
  • Easily share detailed knowledge with their colleagues
  • Quickly onboard to new or unfamiliar code

Like Google Maps for code, AppMap records the execution of your app, collecting information about how an app works and turning that information into interactive software navigation and assistive analysis. The mapping feature then automatically graphs how functions, web services, data stores, security, I/O and dependent services work together when the app runs. With no extra work, developers can interact with visual maps of their code and see it change as they work. Best of all, AppMap is free and open source.

“For developers today, writing code isn’t what’s most challenging. What’s most challenging is building a mental model of how the ever-growing, interconnected web of code, data and services actually works. No one has time to model these relationships, let alone maintain these models over time. Information needs to be accurate, up-to-date and at developers’ fingertips all the time,” said Petr Dvorak, Head of Product at AppMap. “AppMap will give IntelliJ IDEA users a smooth flow to review maps of code that’s relevant to their current work. AppMap will also allow them to easily share that context and knowledge quickly across their team as new features and functionality are delivered.”

To download the IntelliJ IDEA AppMap plugin, click here. AppMap is also available for Microsoft Visual Studio Code 1.50 and more code editor plugins are in the works.

For more information on AppMap, including a full list of features and set-up guide, click here.

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