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An open source personal observability platform.

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AppMap helps you understand new to you code, debug issues such as slow performance or security flaws.

AppMap records code execution traces, collecting information about how your code works and what it does at runtime. AppMap shows this information as interactive diagrams that you can search and navigate.

You can see how functions, web APIs, databases, security, I/O, and other services all work together when your application runs. AppMap is an extension to your code editor, so its information is always available when and where you code. Whether you are documenting your internal APIs or reverse engineering an old application, AppMap has the information you need to keep moving forward.

Recordings of runtime behavior

AppMaps: Recordings of
Runtime Behavior

AppMaps are files containing data representing the runtime behavior of an application. AppMaps can be displayed as visual maps and sequence diagrams, showing everything that the application did at runtime while AppMap was recording.

AppMaps record all the HTTP requests, function calls, SQL database queries, and other important events that occurred while the application runs.

Best of all- these files stay with you, in your own code editor environment so you don’t need to worry about third-party security issues.

Visualise and understand application behavior

Visualize and Understand Application Behavior

AppMaps can be analyzed and searched to follow execution traces, locate dependencies, debug behavior, and much more. Developers being onboarded to a new code base can use AppMaps to navigate the application in a visual way.

AppMaps drastically reduce the amount of developer toil required to learn a new code base and become productive.

Automatically Scan for Runtime Problems

Once AppMaps are generated, AppMap Analysis will immediately scan those recordings for flaws. AppMap Analysis can find security gaps, performance issues, problematic database queries, reliability issues, and more.

Unlike traditional tools, scans are almost instantaneous. Better yet, where other technologies would only identify that a security issue exists somewhere, AppMap Analysis will also show you exactly where your flaws are located, right in your code editor.

Supported Languages & Frameworks

AppMap currently supports applications written in Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, and Ruby.

Supported application framworks include Spring, Jest, Mocha, Next.js, Express.js, Django, and Rails.

Supported Code Editors

AppMap plugins are available for VS Code and JetBrains editors (IntelliJ, PyCharm, WebStorm, and more).

The AppMap code editors provide a highly integrated experience for AppMaps, but maps can also be recorded without the AppMap native editor extensions.