Navie sees beyond just code to your entire application. Navie uses enhanced context from dynamic runtime code analysis to understand your application completely.

Code Completers Provide No Real Gain

AI coding assistants are lost in your codebase and only provide generic code suggestions.”

  • Static Analysis Only
  • Can’t “design” complex changes
  • No API Awareness
  • Sucks all your code into central models
  • 10% productivity gain

True AI-enabled development

Navie has code-accurate information about application behavior, APIs, database queries, and more, giving your AI powered assistant more valuable context so you can ask more challenging questions and get better answers.


AppMap data provides valueable context to your AI Assistant, enabling you to ask more challenging questions and get better answers.

  • HTTP server requests
  • HTTP client requests
  • HTTP status codes
  • HTTP headers
  • HTTP session operations
  • Message parameters
  • SQL queries
  • Function calls
  • Function parameters
  • Return values
  • Exceptions
  • MVC architecture
  • Serialization
  • Logging
  • Secrets
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Background jobs
  • Parameter sanitization
  • HTML escaping
  • RPC circuit breakers

Enterprise Ready AI-Powered Software Development

Navie can support your IP protection and security requirements with flexible backends and deployment configurations. Use our hosted AI integrations, bring your own AI backend, or run Navie entirely inside your own environment.

Navie-enabled Workflow

Enabling every dev with architect-level insights produces better outcomes.


Generate AppMap Data for your running application either in your local dev environment or in CI.


Ask Navie about your app. Navie understands your app on an architectural level and can address a wide range of questions about dynamic interactions, dependencies, security issues, performance bottlenecks, and more.


Collaborate on solutions. Developers control their AppMap data choosing when and with whom to share it. AppMap supports integration with Confluence, GitHub, Visual Studio Code, and IntelliJ code editors. AppMap data can be exported as interactive visualizations, SVG, or JSON.


Automate AppMap generation in CI, get alerts for performance and security flaws, and compare observability and alerts across branches and teams. Run AppMap in CI to automate observability, create OpenAPI docs, and much more.


Navie + Fast API

AppMap now supports FastAPI so you can map and analyze your FastAPI applications. Use the power of AppMap Navie as your personal AI powered software architect to help you write better code, faster.

Using Navie to fix slow code

Discover how to visualize API interactions, identify slow endpoints with flame graphs, and leverage AI to pinpoint and resolve inefficiencies without deep diving into the codebase.

Visualizing and Understanding MongoDB queries in a MERN App

Use AppMap Navie to visualize MongoDB interactions. Ask Navie to explain how your application and database work together and learn to improve your application.

Reverse Engineering a complex Python application

Use AppMap Navie to help you understand a complex Django Python application. Leverage Navie to use runtime code context to power hyper-personalized AI responses helping you add features quickly.

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