Automatically Generate OpenAPI Definitions

Your development time is valuable. Don’t spend it writing and maintaining OpenAPI definitions.

AppMap records all the HTTP API behavior in your application and automatically generates OpenAPI definitions. It works automatically in your code editor and in CI, keeping your definitions in sync with your code changes.

Generate OpenAPI Definitions

Keeping definitions in sync and up to date with the API's latest behavior is time consuming and error prone. AppMap generates an OpenAPI spec automatically in your code editor or in CI. Save time writing documentation and get back to the development work you love.

Maintain your OpenAPI Definitions

OpenAPI definitions generated by AppMap can be used for anything you would do as part of your normal workflow, including loading into tools like Postman, or

Diff API Changes

Once AppMap's OpenAPI Generator has been integrated into your CI system, you can use it within your code review workflow to see the API behavior differences caused by each code change.

Postman Integration with AppMap

AppMap allows developers to move to an API-first mode in almost no time. By creating OpenAPI definitions and updating them automatically in Postman, teams using AppMap can leverage all the valuable features in the Postman API Platform. Read the full blog post on the Postman site.

Automatically Generate OpenAPI Definitions for Mastodon

A real world example of keeping API documentation up to date by automating OpenAPI generation, includes the command for running AppMap OpenAPI generation from CI. Read the full blog post on

Get started for free

Install the AppMap extension for your Visual Studio Code or JetBrains Code editor, record AppMaps, and start generating OpenAPI definitions.

Your Data is Your Data

With AppMap your source code and data never have to leave your local development environment. Many new developer tools require you to upload source code and grant privileges to your repo, but AppMap does not. This is by design.

Join Our Community

If you have any questions about how this is done, or would like an AppMap developer to help you get up and running, feel free to drop into our Slack, introduce yourself, and ping us!