Let’s Talk Code Reviews

Let’s Talk Code Reviews

Ever had to guess about how your code changes work, if they’re secure or how the larger codebase will be impacted? Or maybe you’ve struggled to clearly explain your changes to a teammate or reviewer with enough context. Understanding and showing how your code actually works isn’t easy, and the last thing we want is to do is introduce unintended side effects that need to be reworked later.

Join our Co-Founder and CTO, Kevin Gilpin, to talk about PR and code review challenges in our very first AppMap Livestream this Thursday, June 3 at 1 pm ET. We’ll be meeting in our Slack in the AppMap Livestream channel. Kevin will take questions, comments and suggestions, and share tips on how to use AppMap to:

  • Speed up code reviews with dependency maps that show how changes impact the codebase and trace diagrams that let you explore code execution
  • Preview the impact of your changes before you commit, right in your code editor
  • Identify unintended side effects related to web services, APIs, third-party libraries and databases
  • Catch architectural issues, unjustified logic complications, security vulnerabilities and sources for test coverage improvement with high-level dependency maps

Hope to see you there! And if you can’t make it this week, don’t worry – next Thursday, June 10 at 1 pm ET the AppMap Livestream will reconvene to chat about all things debugging.

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