AppMap Runtime Analysis

Find software design flaws that impact security, performance, stability, and maintainability. Our runtime code analysis can find the problems that static code analyzers miss — and that cause serious production issues.

Early access overview

Review your findings with our team.

Our team of specialist software architects are available to early access users to help review the findings discovered in your application, and provide you with strategies to address them.

    Technical support in Slack now available for:
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Java / Spring
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Identify design flaws and anti-patterns before they’re merged,
right in your code editor.

For example:

  • Security: authorization without authentication, secrets accidentally logged, server requests missing authentication.
  • Performance: N+1 queries, excessive SQL joins, slow function calls.
  • Maintainability: GETs that make updates, circular package dependencies, queries made from views.
  • Stability: HTTP requests incompatible with an OpenAPI spec, remote calls made without circuit breaker,
    missing content types.

Runs in your local code editor and/or in your central builds.

  • Automatically scan and analyze your code as you work
  • Scan for issues in pull requests in CI
  • Ensures that software design flaws are fixed before code is merged.
  • Customizable, per-repo configuration.