Runtime Code Review

Find and fix issues that static analysis and AI code assistants miss.

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resolved finding examples

Runtime intelligence on every pull request

AppMap reveals code quality issues that are only visible in production -- until now.

Sequence Diagram diffs for efficient debugging

AppMap code reviews link to rich resources that enable you to uncover the root causes of unexpected behavior.

Sequence Diagram diffs vividly showcase behavioral changes in your code.

broken test failures illustration

⚠️ Root causes of failing tests

Get detailed insights quickly. Get direct links to the lines of code that caused the error.

resolved finding examples

πŸ”“ Security flaws

AppMap reveals security issues only visible at runtime such as improper session management and unauthorized access, then directs you to the code that needs to be fixed.

resolved finding examples

🐌 Performance issues

Identify performance anti-patterns like N+1 SQL queries, slow function calls, and sluggish HTTP requests.

OpenAPI diff

🚧 Important API changes

AppMap flags breaking and non-breaking API changes and provides a line-by-line diff.

AppMap auto-generates OpenAPI specifications by observing your API's behavior at runtime, so you don’t have to maintain OpenAPI by hand.

AppMap is compatible with Ruby, Java, Python, and Node.js.