Share your AppMap files and findings with your team

Share your AppMap files and findings with your team

AppMap is a powerful tool for developers to find and fix performance issues. Write and run your code, and then AppMap generates findings that save you and your business time and money upfront instead of down the line.

If you’re a developer running AppMap on your code, you may want to share your files and findings with your team or manager. In the upper right-hand corner, there is a share arrow that allows you to generate an SVG file of your AppMap Diagram (see screenshot above).

Because AppMap Diagrams help developers and teams describe their code design and architecture, you are able to use them to help explain the decisions you made.

Once you have your SVG file, you can embed it in many different places, for many different uses. Here are some examples:

  • Add to a presentation for a design and/or planning meeting
  • Add to a status update on where you or your team are on a feature update
  • Add to documentation for onboarding a new team member or company to your code
  • Add to the internal documentation for a feature to show the logical structure of the code

Using AppMap SVG files to share your findings? Tell us how and share with our community.

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