Introducing AppMap in CI

Get reports on failed tests, API changes, security flaws, performance problems, and code anti-patterns in every pull request.

AppMap is a versatile open-source runtime code analysis tool compatible with Ruby, Java, Python, and Node.js. It records code execution traces, gathering data about how your code works and behaves. These traces can then be displayed as interactive diagrams, and analyzed to find coding flaws and problems.

Test Failure Analysis

AppMap identifies the root causes of test failures, highlighting the lines of code most likely to be responsible. Each test failure can be viewed as a sequence diagram “diff.”

Identification of Important API Changes

AppMap reveals changes in HTTP / RESTful API behaviors, and presents these as differences in auto-generated OpenAPI specifications. Breaking changes are highlighted.

Security Flaw Detection

AppMap detects vulnerabilities like missing and improper authorization, secrets in logs, and unsafe system calls.

Performance Problem Detection

AppMap identifies anti-patterns like N+1 queries. Slow operations can be visualized within interactive flame graphs, without the need to change application code to add spans.

SQL Details

AppMap traces exactly how your code uses the database, and where each query is coming from in your code.

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