New AppMap Feature Alert: Squash Bugs Faster by Recording AppMaps in Your Code Editor!

New AppMap Feature Alert: Squash Bugs Faster by Recording AppMaps in Your Code Editor!

AppMaps help you investigate, document and fix bugs faster. Now you can record and share interactive graphs of complex, backend bugs from your code editor without needing to write test cases or custom code! Remote recording creates AppMaps by executing the code and tracing behavior to help you find the root cause of hard-to-fix bugs.

This new feature is easy to use directly in JetBrains IDEs (IntelliJ, PyCharm, Rubymine), VSCode and via the AppMap web browser extensions for AppMap. No more having to leave your code editor to record. And no more relying on programmatic methods for starting/stopping your recording.

Install AppMap with the remote recording feature included from the JetBrains or VSCode marketplaces.

Check out this quick, 1 minute video demoing our new remote recording feature in an IntelliJ Java web app:

Remote recording is one of the recording methods supported by AppMap and it involves two key steps:

  1. Run your application with a properly configured AppMap agent
  2. Start and stop AppMap recording remotely with REST endpoints that the agent injects into the running application’s web stack

The new remote recording controls in your favorite code editor now include clear start/stop buttons and a running recording session indicator. AppMap files are also conveniently saved in your local project folders.

Let us know what you think in Slack Our Co-Founder and CTO Kevin Gilpin will also be available for questions, comments and suggestions on Thursdays at 1 pm ET in the AppMap Livestream channel on our Discord. Come join us!

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