AppLand update: June 2021

AppLand update: June 2021

Another month, another batch of exciting news to share! Read on to see what we’ve been up to and what we have planned later this summer. For the most timely updates, join our Slack, and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Product news

AppMap for JetBrains code editors!

You asked, we delivered! AppMap for popular JetBrains code editors – including IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm and RubyMine – are now available in the JetBrains official marketplace. For more detailed info, check out our AppMap for JetBrains documentation.

Remote recording now in code editors

No more having to leave your code editor to record and no more relying on programmatic methods for starting/stopping your recording. Now you can easily record and share AppMap Diagrams of complex, backend bugs right in your code editor! Install from the JetBrains or VSCode marketplaces, and read our blog post that includes a quick, 1 minute demo on the new feature.

Doc site updates

Our documentation used to live in multiple GitHub repositories, but now it’s all in one easy-to-navigate location in our new Doc site. Let us know what you think via each page’s feedback button so we can keep improving this content!

JavaScript Agent nearing the finish line…!

It’s not quite ready for the wild, but the official release of AppMap for JavaScript will be here soon! So far, the JavaScript agent can record code execution from popular test frameworks, HTTP requests, SQL commands and more. Send a note to if you’d like to test it out as an early adopter or design partner, we’d love your feedback!

Company updates

Kevin Gilpin named a speaker at GitLab Commit!

We’re thrilled to share that AppMap’s Co-Founder and CTO, Kevin Gilpin, will be speaking at GitLab Commit! Kevin’s talk will discuss how to upgrade your development workflow with interactive code maps.

Petr Dvorak presenting at DevSecCon

AppMap’s Head of Product, Petr Dvorak, will be speaking at DevSecCon! Petr’s presentation will show how visual code maps can help security teams and developers more confidently and productively find, communicate, fix and monitor flaws, so their organizations aren’t left vulnerable to attacks.

Kevin Gilpin’s RailsConf 2021 talk released

Watch Kevin present at RailsConf 2021 here! Or check out our four-part blog series on his presentation, “Teach Your Code to Describe Its Own Architecture:” Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

AppMap livestream debuts

Every Thursday at 1 pm ET the AppMap team now hosts a Livestream on our Slack! Anyone is welcome to join and share their comments, questions and feedback on AppMap products or software development in general. Read about our inaugural Livestream earlier this month that tackled all things code reviews here.

Coming Soon

Enhanced AppMap onboarding in code editors

Using a product for the first time can be intimidating and stressful. To make AppMap as easy-to-use and useful as possible, we’re building a new onboarding experience that will help new users map their applications in minutes.

Easy AppMap sharing with the AppMap server

This is going to make life A LOT easier: Soon AppMap users will be able to share their AppMap Diagrams with their peers and teams directly from their code editor! With just one click, you’ll be able to upload your AppMap Data to your AppMap account or attach your AppMap Diagrams as a ticket in Jira or GitHub.

Stay in touch

Thanks for reading! Feel free to ping with any questions or feedback, we always love hearing from our community 😊

Cheers, The AppMap Team

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