AppMap Gradle plugin


The AppMap Gradle Plugin provides simple method for recording AppMaps in running tests in Gradle projects, and a seamless integration into CI/CD pipelines. The client agent requires appmap.yml configuration file, see appmap-java for details.


First, ensure you have a properly configured appmap.yml in your root project directory.

Next, add the following plugin definition and configuration to your build.gradle or build.gradle.kts.

  1. Add com.appland.appmap to plugins. You can find the latest plugin version on


     plugins {
       // other plugins here
       id "com.appland.appmap" version "<latest-version>"


     plugins {
       id("com.appland.appmap") version "<latest-version>"
  2. Add appmap configuration (optional)

    // Set Up AppMap agent, default parameters
    appmap {
        configFile = file("$projectDir/appmap.yml")
        outputDirectory = file("$buildDir/appmap")
        skip = false
        debug = "info"
        debugFile = file("$buildDir/appmap/agent.log")
        eventValueSize = 1024

Tests recording

The AppMap agent will automatically record your tests when you run

gradle appmap test


gradlew appmap test

By default, AppMap files are output to $buildDir/appmap.

Plugin tasks

  • appmap - adds the AppMap Java agent to the JVM for the test task, must be explicitly called
  • appmap-validate-config - validates if appmap.yml file exist, and it’s readable
  • appmap-print-jar-path - prints the path to the appmap-agent.jar file in the local Gradle cache

Plugin configuration

  • configFile Path to the appmap.yml config file. Default: ./appmap.yml
  • outputDirectory Output directory for .appmap.json files. Default: .$buildDir/appmap
  • skip Agent won’t record tests when set to true. Default: false
  • debug Enable debug flags as a comma separated list. Accepts: info, hooks, http, locals Default: info
  • debugFile Specify where to output debug logs. Default: $buildDir/appmap/agent.log
  • eventValueSize Specifies the length of a value string before truncation occurs. If set to 0, truncation is disabled. Default: 1024


I have no $buildDir/appmap directory
It’s likely that the agent is not running. Double check the appmap task is being explicitly called and if the JVM is being forked at any point, make sure the javaagent argument is being propagated to the new process.

*.appmap.json files are present, but appear empty or contain little data
Double check your appmap.yml. This usually indicates that the agent is functioning as expected, but no classes or methods referenced in the appmap.yml configuration are being executed. You may need to adjust the packages being recorded. Follow this link for more information.

My tests aren’t running, or I’m seeing The forked VM terminated without properly saying goodbye.
Check the agent log (defaults to tmp/appmap/agent.log) This is typically indicative of an invalid appmap.yml configuration.

I have a test failure that only occurs while the agent is attached
Please open an issue at getappmap/appmap-java. Attach a link to the source code or repository (if available), as well as any other relevant information including:

  • the contents of appmap.yml
  • the run command used (such as gradle appmap test)
  • output of the run command

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