AppMap Code Editor license key installation

If you are unable to login to the AppMap Code Editor extension using GitHub or GitLab, you can request an enterprise trial license.

After receiving your AppMap license key follow the steps below depending on your code editor to install the license key.

For the license key to successfully validate with AppMap systems ensure your machine is able to connect to You can test by opening it in your web browser.

VS Code license key install steps

1) Open the VS Code Command Palette

  • Mac: Cmd + Shift + P
  • Windows/Linux: Ctrl + Shift + P

2) Search for AppMap license

3) Enter the license key provided by the AppMap team and press Enter to submit

4) After you see the Logged into AppMap notification click on the Sign In button in the AppMap extension

5) Click Allow to allow the AppMap extension to use your logged in license key.

6) Finally, click on your “Accounts” icon in the bottom right and select Grant access to AppMap for AppMap

VS Code Install Video Demo

JetBrains license key install steps

1) Select Tools from the main menu of your JetBrains Code Editor. Then select AppMap -> Enter License Key.

2) Enter the license key provided by the AppMap team and press Ok to submit.

3) You will now be logged into AppMap for the IDE.

JetBrains Install Video Demo

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